Life’s too short to eat bad food – if Thulp Foods were to have a company philosophy, then this would be it. Gourmet food is at the core of everything we do. There are a few other things like great service, great value, innovative concepts, etc., but all that is gravy.

So when did we start? If you go back a hundred years, you’ll find that we didn’t exist then. But if you go back just about a year, that’s when we kicked off. Asia In A Box was our first venture – delivering gourmet Asian food to your doorstep. Then came Rolling Pins & Café Thulp.

In one year we have come a long way and it’s well worth giving ourselves a pat on the back. Today we are not just into taking care of people’s tastes but our brands also occupy a unique space in the business of food. In fact, Café Thulp has been such a major success and we are now open in Indiranagar, Kamanahall and Koramangala.

Well, we’d rather let our food speak for itself, so we’d suggest you rather check out for yourself and get rolling on a pleasant gourmet ride.